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    Free Audio And Video Calls - HD Quality
    Free Chat And Group Chat
    Attachments: Short Videos, Audio Notes, Pictures
    Location Sharing
    PUSH Notifications
    Voicemail With E-Mail Delivery
    Virtual Phone Numbers - From More Than 60 Countries
    Minute Plans And Attractive Pay As You Go Rates

iTalkWorld is Cheapest Voip Provider,
place cheap or Unlimited Calls

Choose from wide range of talk Plans .Discover this brand new method of keeping in touch with your family, friends and business.Place Cheap unlimited Calls to India , Pakistan , Bangladesh or anywhere in world , with lowest everyday pricing .iTalkWorld also offer Virtual Numbers with Unlimited incoming calls . Take your regular land phone number with you, even while you are traveling around the world. Make calls from your computer, regular landline phone, a mobile phone, or a SIP phone to reduce your monthly bills by as much as 93%.

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  • Earlier when whenever I was not in wifi/3G coverage I had to spend heavily on calling card. With local Access numbers, my single iTalk account works both as voip account and calling card..Thanks for helping me save money.

    - Lucy, California

  • I live in USA, I got my family in Pakistan...Traditional calling cards, were getting big hole in my Pocket. Then i got to know about, i purchased a local number in my city (New York), now this number rings in Pakistan. My family is always available at local call to me and i make unlimited calls at just 0.99$ Month. You guys are amazing

    - Wahid , USA

  • I am online Freak, I love Chatting...though i am in India, I always tell ppl in chat that i am from Australia, thanks to these guys, I got a Australia (Sydney) number, that rings in India. So, ppl never get to know that i am not in Australia :)

    - Gautam, India

  • iTalkWorld helped me Save over 98% on My calls costs, I live in China and my Fiance Stays in Australia, I signed up with Crazy Talk plan and now i talk without looking at clock..thank you iTalk You offer Cheap Worldwide Calls.

    - Keithal, China

  • I Live in UK and Travel a lot to China, My Roaming bills were over 500$, though i rarely received calls, After i used iTalkWorld Numbers, i receive all my calls in Roaming and just pay 14.99$ Monthly Unlimited

    - Kathin, UK

  • You are the Best VOIP Service Provider i have ever come across, i still wonder how you offer Lowest Call rates. you helped me save $$$ ..Thank you

    - Jessy, Finland