About iTalk World

Welcome to the world of iTalk. "iTalk" is a Brand of Connect With VOIP Private LTD. with headquarter in Hong Kong
"iTalk" Provides Customers Stronger and most Efficient International Communication

World's premier VoIP solutions provider, Ours is a Internet Telephony Service Provider offering VOICE/Video and other Value added Services

What drives us

Communication is the bedrock upon which civilization is built. Without communication, any semblance of intellectual evolution crumbles like sandcastles before an onrushing wave. For businesses to thrive and relations to prosper they must first communicate effectively and efficiently with one another. From expressing the deepest emotions to those we love, to educating future generations, documenting innovation, to transcribing literature from a muse, or simply enjoying a captivating story, communication is an essential tool of developing culture. Communication is imperative to the survival of everyone. As a result of our love for communicating, and our companies experience in it, we are here to help everyone communicate more effectively; and to provide individuals and businesses with the highest quality communications services available, for the most reasonable and competitive prices.